AK Finger Joint Panel Boards are made using the technique of finger-jointing and edge gluing. Rubber wood logs are sawn to sections. Sawn sections are chemically treated and seasoned under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature.


It's a pleasure working with Wood Panel Boards...

  • Easy to saw and the sawn surface is fairly smooth.
  • Easy to machine, plain, turn and mould.
  • Excellent nail holding properties.
  • Excellent gluing characteristics and compatible to all normal industrial adhesives.
  • Excellent bonding strength.
  • Moderate wood bending properties.
  • For a 25mm thick section bending radius is approximately 500mm.
  • Bends are stable after setting.
  • Characteristic texture permits a fine smooth finish.
  • Light colour of timber permits staining in any shade.
  • Environmental friendly chemicals are used for treatment.
  • Lastly, economical in comparison to other commonly available species of timber.

Do's & Dont's while storing & handling AK Panel Boards...

  • Store the panels in well ventilated godowns.
  • Place the bottom most panel in the stack over stickers of uniform thickness.
  • Cover the stacked panels with polythene/plastic sheets.
  • Transport the panels stacked horizontally. Vertical stacking can cause bending/warping.
  • Apply polish/paint on products made out of laminated panels, apply a coat of sealant even on hidden faces of the furniture, components should be sealed/polished on all faces at the same time.
  • Try and maintain the length of the cut panels more than the width. (length as measured along the grain).
  • Do not use a single panel as a door. Always support it with a frame.
  • Do not use edge laminated panels where it comes in direct contact with water, the glue used is only moderately resistant to water.